High Heels You Can Afford To Buy

high heels

Keeping up with the latest trends is one thing, being able to have the trendy stuff in your possession is another. While it’s definitely acceptable to have a couple of versatile pairs of shoes that can go with everything, chances are you wouldn’t be able to pull off some looks as well as you want.

Fret not, dear fashionista, because there are plenty of affordable pairs you can get if you know the styles to go for and where to look. We’ve come up with a list of tips on selecting and buying a pair of high heels you can afford to buy so you can stock up on the latest trends. Let’s get started!

Best buying tip: use discount codes!

Who doesn’t love buying items at a discount? With voucher codes, you’ll be able to slash serious money off the cost of shoes so that the discounted price would fall within your budget. There are plenty of voucher codes for shoe retailers online – just do a quick Google search and you’ll see what we mean. Also, with voucher codes you won’t have to toss a coin to choose just one pair, because you’ll be able to afford buying two, or even three with special promos during clearance sales. You can grab discount codes for Public Desire from Total Discounts.

Which ones to buy?

The kind of high heels to get would depend on the range of styles in your wardrobe, but the most common ones that have proven to look great when paired with various kinds of outfits include platforms, wedges, stilettos and court shoes.

  • Platforms – platform heels provide added height without sacrificing comfort. The arch of the foot isn’t as high compared to stilettos and provide great support so you can walk in them for hours on end. The heights of platform heels vary, but around four to five inches would be a safe bet – higher than that and you would have to be careful lest you take a nasty fall. Boho styles, skinny jeans and mid-length dresses look even better with platforms.
  • Wedges – wedges are somewhat similar to platforms in that they also provide height and support, but the main difference is that they have a solid heel. Wedges can be worn on casual and formal occasions depending on style, and they can easily be matched with jeans, dresses and skirts. Fashion faves in this shoe category are wedge ankle boots and strappy sandals.
  • Stilettos – stilettos can make anyone feel elegant and sophisticated. Play it up with the right outfit and you can be a femme fatale! Characterised by a sleek silhouette and thin, tapering heels, stilettos are a must for power dressing. These heels can make your legs look longer, therefore making you look more svelte and chic. Stilettos are perfect for a range of looks, from slinky little black dresses to casual ripped jeans.
  • Court shoes – court shoes have evolved from being known as “what you wear to a job interview” to “shoes that come in a wide variety of designs you can’t pick just one.” From pointed to peep-toe ones, court shoes let you mix and match clothes and they still look great and feel comfortable to boot. The thicker-than-stiletto heels mean you have more heel support and won’t go limp at the end of the day.

Those are just some of the best high heels you can afford to buy with voucher codes for your favourite retailers and clearance outlets. Which ones are you looking to add to your collection?